The Brothers Jetstream: Leviathan
Zig Zag Claybourne

The Brothers Jetstream: Leviathan Zig Zag Claybourne

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“Take Buckaroo Banzai, Hellblazer and Barbarella, turn it into the 80s cartoon of your childhood dreams, and fast forward to right here, right now. If that sounds too much like a virgin version of your favourite cocktail, don't despair. This is a grown-up pleasure: Funny, sly, clever, and warm.” ~ Kelly RobsonTwo brothers. Their crew. One planet. Way too many evils. Plus the whale that was poured into the oceans when the world first cooled from creation. Epic book is epic. Get ready for a showdown a billion years in the making."Finding a work of literature that is unlike anything you've ever read before, in a good way, is the defining moment from a reviewer's perspective." ~ Amazing Stories “Folks ain’t ready! The Brothers Jetstream is humorous, irreverent, captivating and sensual. All the things good urban fantasy should be. Sit down and enjoy the adventure!” ~ Milton Davis, author of Changa's Safari"Genre hops in all the best ways. A little steampunk, a dash of science fiction, and more." ~ Black Girl Nerds "This is a truly original writer. He sounds like no one else, plays by no rules, and creates wildly entertaining books that create an indelible stamp on the mind." ~ Dave Eggers “Stunning word-play, amazing events, worlds, and characters.” ~ Minister Faust, author of The Alchemists of Kush "Effortlessly cool!" ~ Sci Fi Magpie "Like that night you and your savviest, funniest, wisest friend went on a crazy bender and tore the whole town apart and loved the universe and were surprised to find yourselves alive the next morning without a hangover." ~ Eileen Gunn