Pirates and Farmers Dave Hickey

Pirates and Farmers Dave Hickey

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Following the news of his self-imposed exile from art criticism, Dave Hickey’s newest body of essays questions and challenges the cultural status quo in his trademark witty style.

Arguably one of the most astute critics working today, Dave Hickey's multi-decade career as a leading cultural commentator is characterised by his blend of high and mass culture and his fervent critique of the celebrity-driven culture of the art world in the 21st century.

In his usual humorous manner, Hickey has declared that: ‘I miss being an elitist and not having to talk to idiots’ in a field that, he believes, is defined by the commoditisation of art and the self-referential tendencies of criticism itself.

Author of popular books Air Guitar: Essays on Art & Democracy and The Invisible Dragon: Four Essays on Beauty, this new body of shorter essays looks at more contemporary phenomena: super-collectors, the trope of the biennale and the loss of looking.