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Hasami Porcelain is a collection of pieces that strive to mix and match in function. Made to be stacked, their pieces are stored and carried easily. The materials are unique- made of a mixture of porcelain substance and clay, at a specific ratio that creates a texture that is firmer and sharper than earthenware, yet comfortable to the touch of the hands and lips. Each piece is kiln-fired without glaze, leaving the surface feeling similar to terracotta.

Use the bowls and plates as is, or pair them together to form a handsome covered bowl.
The larger pieces may also be used as serving trays+dishes or as fruit bowls.

Due to the high temperature manufacturing process, color and texture of may vary per piece.

Microwave & dishwasher-safe.

Designed by Los Angeles-based Taku Shinomoto and made in Japan.

It's no secret that we adore well thought out design. It's a passion of ours to search out those products that you'll always cherish. We want you to love them as much as we do or even more. Here's a collection of some of those special products we've discovered and brought to Nora.
When we opened Nora we were looking for world-class design. With our new Culture Lab collaboration, we have found world-class objects designed and made by Detroit artists, illustrators, and craftspeople. This is work that rises up to our highest standards of excellence, actually this work really surpasses our highest standards of excellence. This work leaves us speechless and amazed. We are so lucky to live here. I mean, seriously.  
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