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Flower House by Casey Rocheteau

I recently interviewed Lisa Waud, creator of Flower House about her installation

in October, and the launch of her flower farm in Hamtramck. You can currently

purchase a gorgeous Flower House tote from Nora to help support the project.

Casey Rocheteau: Where did you come up with the idea for Flower House?

Lisa Waud: It goes back to a long time love of Christo and his projects with his

wife. Wrapping the bridge in Paris really spoke to me, just to plan something for

so long that is so giant. He’s really appealing to me, that people would travel from


5 Trees + Yoshii Two-Tone Towels by Casey Rocheteau

Once you use a 5 Trees + Yoshi Towels you will have questions. How? You’ll ask. How have I been doing towels wrong up until this point? How are they so soft? How do they dry so fast? How is something so beautiful and functional at the same time? While we can’t help you with the first question, the rest can be explained. The towels are made from hand-picked raw organic materials, the seeds are given time to naturally separate from the fibers without tearing. The delicate ring-threads are called “Shankar-6”, which gives them softness, high absorbency, and quick-drying properties....

New Nordic Design

The classics of Scandinavian design have been a part of Nora's core collection since we opened because they embody some of the qualities we love in an object: grace, strong functionality, personality. Kaj Franck's Kartio glassware, for example, is straightforward in its design, but it comes alive when you use it.

So it's always a thrill when we find a line of products that embodies these qualities in new and delightful ways. Most recently, we've brought in accessories from Muuto, a young company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and they already occupy a very...

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Welcome to the Nora blog! It's an undertaking we've had on our minds for some time. As we approach two years old (!) and things have settled in, we thought it was time to get the ball rolling.

First, an introduction. Nora is a collaboration of four friends working together to provide something Detroit has been missing for a while: a store focused on showcasing great modern design. The Nora team is Toby Barlow, Liz Boone, Joe Posch and Michele Unverzagt. Each of us brings something different to the table from an operations viewpoint, but we share a passion for...