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Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: José Regueiro

Do you have a little one in your life who loves to be in the kitchen? José Regueiro Studios has created beautiful “Li’l Chef” cutting boards, which, like Wu Tang, are for the children. This product is intended to inspire and encourage children’s early interest in food and cooking with a professional grade product. José first started working with wood as a child himself, making a model boat to play with in Lake Michigan. Like a high octane chef, he drinks a lot of espresso for breakfast, and like most Detroiters loves Belle Isle. Come chop it up with him at Nora during our collaboration with Culture Lab.

Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: Don Kilpatrick III

You’re probably asking yourself what a hornbook is. They are study primers, originating in 15th century Europe, which were often shaped like auction paddles but meant for primary education. Don Kilpatrick III has created an homage to hornbooks with his “Horn Block Printing Kit” for Nora. The kit can be used for learning to relief print or can be displayed as gorgeous artwork in the home. It is an interactive and educational product designed for art collectors and anyone interested in teaching themselves (or others) printmaking. Or, for those already in the know, it can be used to create beautiful and unique prints. Don skips breakfast far too often, and believes that a tree is never really finished with being a tree. He loves working with reclaimed wood and draws a great deal of inspiration from Brush Park. While he feels that there are too many people positively impacting culture in Detroit to list, he feels his students at the College for Creative Studies are among their number. Come by Nora and go home with one of his amazing Horn Block Printing Kits!

Don will be hosting a Meet the Artist Event on November 13 from 5pm-7pm at Nora.

Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: Tiff Massey

Tiff Massey is about that life. She is a Detroiter through and through. She liked Belle Isle before the state took it over, and will tell you that just because they renamed Cass Corridor as Midtown, it “doesn’t mean you can treat it like Royal Oak”. The 2015 Kresge Fellow says that the people positively impacting culture in Detroit are the natives, and people who are vested in the city, not invested. She started as a scientist, and now she’s here, creating a bag made of scraps from the automotive industry. Her body of work is sculptural. often wearable, and always bold. She is excited to be working with leather for this project, because it’s an unforgiving material where all marks have to be intentional, because they are final. Tell everyone and their mom to come in to Nora and see her work in person.

 Tiff will be hosting a Meet the Artist Event on November 12 from 5pm-7pm at Nora.

Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: Sarah Rose Sharp

Sarah Rose Sharp is a woman of many talents, and a 2015 Kresge fellow. She loves breakfast and artists so much she blogs about both. When asked who is impacting culture in Detroit in a positive way, she’ll tell you that, like your Facebook semi-official relationship, it’s complicated. She is a self-taught quilter whose first quilt celebrated the seasonal rhythms of life in Detroit. The quilts and leather tree ring placemats she has made for Nora are for “people who cherish living with art and embracing functionality and beauty” in their day-to-day lives. She loves the Shipherd Greens Community Garden in Detroit, and her name, broken down into parts means Queen Rose I Cut You. Come see Rosie’s quilts at Nora. We promise she won’t cut you.

Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: Thing Thing

Sometimes artists experiment with new materials and things get weird. Other times, artists do weird things and experiments end up smelling like French fries. One of Thing Thing’s first experiments involved deep frying recycled plastic in vegetable oil to its melting point and molding it to cardstock models. It worked, and the result became a prototype for the rotationally molded plastic pillow lamp they created for Nora’s Culture Lab collaboration. The collective chose their name by creating a big funny list with a short list of rules: no pretentious acronyms, and they could not use the word atelier. Their friend Vivian liked Thing Thing the best, and it stuck. They envision design enthusiasts, local art supporters, and tourists in Detroit enjoying their product. They all eat dope meals for breakfast, and believe in the work of their extremely talented fellow artists, makers and musicians in Detroit, including Kresge, Detroit Soup, O.N.E. Mile, Oakland Avenue Artists Coalition, MOCAD, WDET and the Knights Foundation. They know some cool secret spots hidden along the river, too. You can see their colorful creation at Nora, just don’t try to dip it in ketchup.

Thing Thing will be hosting a Meet the Artist Event on November 10 from 5pm-7pm at Nora.




Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: Andy Malone

Andy Malone’s name means Wolf Boy, so you know he’s not playing around. He still manages to be charming and affable, so don’t let the name fool you. When he was ten years old, Andy built a pinewood derby car, and while he didn’t truly learn how to work with wood until after college, he recalls loving the feeling of shaping the wood into a new form. For Nora’s pop-up, he has made one of a kind mutoscopes, or kinetic animation mechanisms. They are like sophisticated and beautiful flip book televisions that will be irresistible to animation lovers and nostalgic dreamers alike. You can catch Andy hanging out at Burnside Farm or on the DIA’s lawn, maybe eating pancakes and caramelized apples and extolling the virtues of Powerhouse Productions and Popps Packing. Loop into his work over at Nora!

  Andy will be hosting a Meet the Artist Event on November 11 from 5pm-7pm at Nora.

Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: Patrick Ethen

Looking for a little light in your life? Patrick Ethen of ROYA Design has lovely lamps that will cast a floral geometric shadow on your heart. These cardboard beauties are designed to be flat-packed for easy shipping and assembly. Cardboard is a ubiquitous material, and Patrick believes that it’s actually so useful that people have lost the ability to appreciate it objectively. Think about how sturdy cardboard is, and the way it catches light so nicely. While he tried other materials to design these polyhedra lamps, he came back to reliable cardboard. He loves the Dequindre Cut and believes that artists, makers, musicians, designers, free thinkers, entrepreneurs, and Theo Parrish (who is his own category of human) impact culture in a positive way in Detroit. Catch a little of his shine at Nora during the Culture Lab collaboration.

Patrick will be hosting a Meet the Artist Event on November 9 from 5pm-7pm at Nora.

Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: Clover and Mars

When Clover and Mars get out of bed in the morning, they eat quinoa, blackberries, yogurt and hazelnuts while dreaming about being on Belle Isle. They make products for those among us who love to host dinner parties and afternoon teas. For the Nora’s Culture Lab pop-up they have created a lovely entertaining set, a table runner with napkins . They first used these kinds of materials when making tea towels that were organic, functional, absorbent, and left no streak behind. They can get behind anything that is rustic and modern simultaneously. Their name, Clover and Mars comes from their favorite Michigan flower, and a play on the creators’ first names. Come check out their products and take home some of that modern rustic feeling.

Clover and Mars will be hosting a Meet the Artist Event on November 6 from 5pm-7pm at Nora.

Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: Abigail Murray

Abigail Murray loves Detroit because there are so many people positively impacting culture here. She takes her eggs over-easy and laid by her neighbor’s chickens and she grows her own watermelon. Her love of ceramics began at Andersen Ranch, where Ken Price taught her how to make cups, and that passion has carried over into her products for Nora. She has created stacks of black porcelain planters and vases that were made from slabs cast on plaster molds. The textures were taken from reclaimed materials from her project Afterhouse, which converts an irreparably damaged home into a greenhouse. The greenhouse will then be used to grow olives, bananas, pomegranates and more without using additional energy sources. She envisions her products being used by nice people who like ceramics, plants and flowers, which is to say everyone. So unless you’re a mean flower-hater, you should come by Nora and check out what she has made.

Abigail will be hosting a Meet the Artist Event on November 5 from 5pm-7pm at Nora.


Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: Iris Eichenberg and Nadege Roscoe Rumjahn

If you are someone who doesn’t shy away from politics at the dinner table, this collaboration between Iris Eichenberg and Nadege Roscoe Rumjahn might be for you. They’ve embroidered, stitched, stained and printed an incredible tablecloth that merges mundane needlework and the language of industry. This experimental collaboration uses abstract presentations of city grids and plants taking over the grids as a Detroit table drawing. They love blue chicory and wild flowers breaking through asphalt. Fun fact about chicory: if you put it in a vase, the flowers will brown by the end of the day and every morning new blue flowers will bloom for a number of days. That’s the kind of resilience and magic that inspires these two makers. They believe that the sum of many initiatives that aren’t looking to turn a profit, but rethink quality of life in Detroit makes for positive impact. They dine on large bowls of latte for breakfast. Stop by Nora and check out their transcendent experiment in layering.

 Iris will be hosting a Meet the Artist Event on November 3 from 5pm-7pm at Nora.


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