Annual Nora Exhibition



Nora believes that art and design can bind people together and inspire a dialogue around what is thought-provoking and beautiful. We trust artists and designers and their abilities to contribute this city, and it is our commitment to help share their work. Using our platform as purveyors of objects and ideas, we bring you this yearly exhibition indicative of art and design in May, 2021.

The works in this show are imagined as statements of anti-manufacturing. They tip their hat to classic forms and play with our understanding of functional objects. Ideas put forward in traditional practices are subverted, deconstructed, brought to current conversations, and stripped from old ones. They are stunt doubles for works they resemble— made to resist what the originals could not, and not unlike cinema, it is noticing the difference that brings forward meaning and understanding."

This years show includes the following exhibitors:

Kate Bickel, Noah Caspar, Meghan Chapman, Camille Guellec, Elena Esposito, Rachel Heibel, Jacob Hill, Alex Horvath, Nehema Kariuki, Grace Makuch, Elise Marie Martin, Jenna Moss, Alessandro Pagura, Bryan Rees, Joseph Rosales, Josie Teachout, Toomas Toomepuu, Mia VanHamme, Jake Vinson, Maggie Wiebe, and Sophia Wojnovich

This exhibition was co-organized and produced by Nora, Teikaut, Small Works, and One Custom City. 

Exhibition open during store hours. Enter through Nora.
Friday May 7th through Thursday May 20th
11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
4240 Cass Ave Suite 109
Detroit, MI 48201








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