Meet the PopUp Shop Artist: Scott Hocking

For Nora’s Culture Lab Pop Up, Detroit’s favorite man of mystery Scott Hocking might be welding an antique Ford Edsel to a sidewalk, or mass producing cassettes of spooky Halloween fart sounds. He might also be producing a book with Nora’s own Toby Barlow called Detroit Nights. Hocking describes the ongoing project (started in the mid 90s) as an attempt to capture the “strange serenity that can be found off the beaten paths”. The book is a selection of the last eight years, after Hocking switched from film to digital. Hocking doesn’t eat breakfast and doesn’t like assholes. His favorite green spaces in Detroit include:

The I-94 Industrial Park Renaissance Zone, former St. Cyril Village neighborhood

Under the I-75 Industrial Overpass / Rouge River Bridge, in Carbon Works

The former Airport Trailercoach Park near City Airport

The former Uniroyal Plant site

Riverfront-Lakewood East Park

The grassy mound between I-75, the Davison Freeway, and the Detroit-Pontiac RR

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