Meet the PopUP Shop Artists:Sew Great Detroit

Do you like tote bags, but always find yourself wishing they had pockets? Do you recognize quality and appreciate functional classic design? Are you committed to strengthening the social fabric of your community through the empowerment of women? Have you heard about Sew Great Detroit? If you haven’t, it’s an incredible social enterprise program launched by Alternatives for Girls based in Southwest Detroit that just celebrated its first year in existence. The team of women who make up Sew Great produced gorgeous, sturdy market bags for Nora’s Culture Lab collaboration. They began working together a year ago and they are some of the most dedicated seamstresses in Detroit. This was their first time working with canvas, although their first sewing project involved making reversible tote bags. Collectively, they enjoy Belle Isle, the River Walk and Clark Park. The name Sew Great Detroit comes out of a desire to continue the lineage of manufacturing greatness in Detroit with skill and craft. It is intended to express optimism for their futures, and the future of Detroit. Swing by Nora and leave with one of these lovely handcrafted canvas bags.

Stop by Nora on November 5 from 1pm-3pm to meet the wonderful makers.

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