Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: Patrick Ethen

Looking for a little light in your life? Patrick Ethen of ROYA Design has lovely lamps that will cast a floral geometric shadow on your heart. These cardboard beauties are designed to be flat-packed for easy shipping and assembly. Cardboard is a ubiquitous material, and Patrick believes that it’s actually so useful that people have lost the ability to appreciate it objectively. Think about how sturdy cardboard is, and the way it catches light so nicely. While he tried other materials to design these polyhedra lamps, he came back to reliable cardboard. He loves the Dequindre Cut and believes that artists, makers, musicians, designers, free thinkers, entrepreneurs, and Theo Parrish (who is his own category of human) impact culture in a positive way in Detroit. Catch a little of his shine at Nora during the Culture Lab collaboration.

Patrick will be hosting a Meet the Artist Event on November 9 from 5pm-7pm at Nora.

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