Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: Iris Eichenberg and Nadege Roscoe Rumjahn

If you are someone who doesn’t shy away from politics at the dinner table, this collaboration between Iris Eichenberg and Nadege Roscoe Rumjahn might be for you. They’ve embroidered, stitched, stained and printed an incredible tablecloth that merges mundane needlework and the language of industry. This experimental collaboration uses abstract presentations of city grids and plants taking over the grids as a Detroit table drawing. They love blue chicory and wild flowers breaking through asphalt. Fun fact about chicory: if you put it in a vase, the flowers will brown by the end of the day and every morning new blue flowers will bloom for a number of days. That’s the kind of resilience and magic that inspires these two makers. They believe that the sum of many initiatives that aren’t looking to turn a profit, but rethink quality of life in Detroit makes for positive impact. They dine on large bowls of latte for breakfast. Stop by Nora and check out their transcendent experiment in layering.

 Iris will be hosting a Meet the Artist Event on November 3 from 5pm-7pm at Nora.


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