Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: Ali Sandifer

There are tables, and then there are tables. Husband and wife team Ali Sandifer (Abir Ali & Andre Sandifer) have made multi-functional trays for people who love food, handicraft, and can do without tablecloths. Back in 2007, the duo was in Chicago working with walnut, and they realized that plywood was not for them. The hardwood allowed for both freedom and discipline, opening a space to explore form more organically. Their first public art installation was an enormous recreation of the biblical table from the last supper. Diners were invited to then carve their name or a significant event into the table, creating a new kind of tablecloth. They believe that Detroit is bolstered by all kinds: people who have always been here, have returned here, are only here temporarily. They believe that “a city benefits from all levels of permanence and impermanence. Their favorite green spaces in Detroit include their families’ backyards. You are cordially invited to feast your eyes upon their multi-functional trays created for Nora’s Culture Lab collaboration.

Abir and Andre will be hosting a Meet the Artist Event on November 7 from 5pm-7pm at Nora.



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