Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: Andy Malone

Andy Malone’s name means Wolf Boy, so you know he’s not playing around. He still manages to be charming and affable, so don’t let the name fool you. When he was ten years old, Andy built a pinewood derby car, and while he didn’t truly learn how to work with wood until after college, he recalls loving the feeling of shaping the wood into a new form. For Nora’s pop-up, he has made one of a kind mutoscopes, or kinetic animation mechanisms. They are like sophisticated and beautiful flip book televisions that will be irresistible to animation lovers and nostalgic dreamers alike. You can catch Andy hanging out at Burnside Farm or on the DIA’s lawn, maybe eating pancakes and caramelized apples and extolling the virtues of Powerhouse Productions and Popps Packing. Loop into his work over at Nora!

  Andy will be hosting a Meet the Artist Event on November 11 from 5pm-7pm at Nora.

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