Nora's PopUp Shop Artist: Abigail Murray

Abigail Murray loves Detroit because there are so many people positively impacting culture here. She takes her eggs over-easy and laid by her neighbor’s chickens and she grows her own watermelon. Her love of ceramics began at Andersen Ranch, where Ken Price taught her how to make cups, and that passion has carried over into her products for Nora. She has created stacks of black porcelain planters and vases that were made from slabs cast on plaster molds. The textures were taken from reclaimed materials from her project Afterhouse, which converts an irreparably damaged home into a greenhouse. The greenhouse will then be used to grow olives, bananas, pomegranates and more without using additional energy sources. She envisions her products being used by nice people who like ceramics, plants and flowers, which is to say everyone. So unless you’re a mean flower-hater, you should come by Nora and check out what she has made.

Abigail will be hosting a Meet the Artist Event on November 5 from 5pm-7pm at Nora.


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