Kaico Kettle

The Kaico kettle is a thing of absolute beauty. It is enamel-coated steel which provides ultimate durability. It’s beech wood handle and maple knob retain no heat, giving the kettle practical usability. Created by renowned Japanese designer Makoto Koizumi, the Kaico Kettle is a stunning example of lifestyle design. Its contour blends in with every décor, and the wood details lend a natural element to any kitchen. Koizumi’s versatility, as a woodworker and an architect as well as product designer, lends itself to the kettle’s clean and simple elegance. Its flat bottom and black interior give it a heft and gravity. Its lid rests on the kettle’s lip when picked out, without being suctioned on, making it easy to fill and refill. It has a beauty in use—designed for the grace of the pour. Its stout spout lets out a perfect stream of boiling water for teas or even a French press, The Kaico kettle is also easy to clean and works with any style stove top. This gem is a guest of honor at any tea party, and will be sure to spark conversation. While it may not whistle when it boils, you will when you see it at work.


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