5 Trees + Yoshii Two-Tone Towels by Casey Rocheteau

Once you use a 5 Trees + Yoshi Towels you will have questions. How? You’ll ask. How have I been doing towels wrong up until this point? How are they so soft? How do they dry so fast? How is something so beautiful and functional at the same time? While we can’t help you with the first question, the rest can be explained. The towels are made from hand-picked raw organic materials, the seeds are given time to naturally separate from the fibers without tearing. The delicate ring-threads are called “Shankar-6”, which gives them softness, high absorbency, and quick-drying properties. The two-tone colors come in a gorgeous array, which you can find at Nora. Their craftsmanship comes out a over a century of towel making in Imbari, Japan. 5 Trees + Yoshii stands out in this tradition while bringing in a modern aesthetic. It’s hard to argue with a process that has been perfected over a hundred years, and dual-tones provide the perfect accent to any bathroom. These towels are perfect for the home, or as gifts for frequent travelers. The thin and sturdy design will fit compactly into any suitcase. Trust us, once you own these towels, you’ll want to bring them along wherever you go. You might even find yourself suggesting them to a concierge or two. The only question you’ll be asking yourself once you run your hands over one of these towels is how do I get a set?

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