New Nordic Design

The classics of Scandinavian design have been a part of Nora's core collection since we opened because they embody some of the qualities we love in an object: grace, strong functionality, personality. Kaj Franck's Kartio glassware, for example, is straightforward in its design, but it comes alive when you use it.

So it's always a thrill when we find a line of products that embodies these qualities in new and delightful ways. Most recently, we've brought in accessories from Muuto, a young company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and they already occupy a very special place in our collective heart.

Describing themselves as “new Nordic” design, Muuto was founded with the goal of expanding the Scandinavian design tradition with new and original perspectives. They have assembled an enviable stable of talent that encompasses some of the strongest young designers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Take a look at some of the items we currently have in the shop and you'll get an idea what we are talking about. The Turn Around juicer, carved out of white beech wood, is first of all up-front about its function, but is also beautiful, simple and tactile. An object more than just a tool.

The Dots Wall Hooks are obviously function-driven, but they are clever and friendly and enhance a room even when not in use. Quite honestly, we'd be inclined to use them solely for the smile they inevitably bring.

The great love of the collection is the Silent Vases. The essence of Scandinavian minimalism, they are scaled to hold a single stem or a large bouquet without feeling overwhelming themselves. A suggestion of a vase in mouth-blown clear glass, or a silhouette in grey. A perfect gift, even for yourself.

Other items from Muuto in the shop right now include the Norway Says Plus salt/pepper mill, the Cosy Lamp and the Leaf Table Lamp, pieces we think are highlights of the collection. But take a look at all their offerings on their website – we always want to hear what you'd like to see, and we're happy to take special orders!

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